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<font size="3" style="font-weight:bold">Chemex 6 Cup</font> <font size="3" style="font-weight:bold">Chemex GH 8 Cup</font>
This is the classic design, complete with wood handle and leather tie. Pour over coffee makers are a gold standard for brewing great coffee. One of my favorite brewing techniques, pour over coffee makers like this Chemex provide a very clean cup of coffee, allowing our Deep Blue Coffee Company’s blends to achieve their full potential, revealing their many subtleties. This model brews 6 cups.

A slight variation of the original design, this Chemex pour over design has a glass handle, which facilitates an easier pouring with the added weight of an 8 cup coffee carafe. Still the same ultra-clean coffee, still the same wonderful nuances brewed in each cup, and now with a sleek glass handle.

<font size="3" style="font-weight:bold">Aeropress</font> <font size="3" style="font-weight:bold">La Cafetiere</font>
This might be my favorite way to brew an absolutely amazing cup of coffee. Made by the inventor of theAerobie flying disc, this Aeropress coffee doesn’t really look the part, and its brewing directions seem counter to convention, but don’t be fooled. Although it makes only up to a scant 10oz., what a 10oz. it is. Full flavored and fully developed despite a very short extraction, coffee and espresso brewed with this Aeropress will absolutely blow you away, as it did me, with every nuance and subtlety that Deep Blue Coffee’s blends are known for. Each Aeropress comes in a kit complete with filters, coffee measuring scoop, mug fit-over adapter and even a zippered pouch to keep it all in.

Shopping for a sharp looking, tremendously functional and quality French Press? Crafted by La Cafetiere, The Wave, will fit the bill in sleek form and stylish function. When paired with one of our Deep Blue Coffee blends, this sturdy French Press will brew the perfect cup, each and every time, yielding a rewarding cup worthy of your next sip. This beautiful and functional French Press is the 35oz (8 cup) model.


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