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Coffee: From Farm To Table

Quality, top-notch coffee is a labor of love beginning at the farm, and a work of art when roasted and blended. At Deep Blue Coffee Company, we are truly fortunate to offer coffees that have been carefully sourced right at the farm, and artisanally roasted in small batches by a very select few master roasters. The final step in our process is the crafting of blends by Chef Ben Wolfe to produce unique and delicious flavors.

When we source the best quality coffee the coffee farms, and even the farmers themselves, are considered. They have an integral role in producing our coffees, and Deep Blue Coffee purchases only from those growers who maintain responsible growing practices and are focused on a great final product. This attention to detail yields premium green cherries that produce a superior roast.

Deep Blue Coffee Company only purchases beans that have been deemed “specialty,” by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. We are proud that all of our coffees fall into the specialty category, and the result is a broad selection of blends comprised of only the best of the graded coffees in the world.

All of our coffees are also handpicked instead of machine harvested. This means more labor cost, but it results in a far superior product, since only the ripest coffee cherries are collected prior to roasting. This extra measure of quality control is part of what sets our fabulous coffees apart. After being hand selected, coffee beans undergo the appropriate drying and fermentation variations, depending on the flavor profiles that we intend to achieve. This process is also done by farmers rather than machines, to ensure the most control, and the best flavors.

Roasting is very carefully done by master roasters, who are true artisans of their trade. Knowing the intricacies of each coffee variety, and how to best coax the subtle flavors from each bean varietal is an art form unto itself. Each bean has its own specific roasting parameters. Knowing and understanding these subtle differences is paramount to creating a great cup of coffee. From a bean’s first crack as it is roasted to its final roast doneness, every step of the way is painstakingly monitored by the roaster to ensure an even and accurate roasting. Just as importantly, our master roasters ensure a consistent roast so that we know a customer receives the same Deep Blue Coffee Company product that they love and expect each and every time.

At Deep Blue Coffee Company, we use the “roast to order” principle, which means that every time our customers order, our beans are at their maximum freshness. Providing our customers with the most freshly roasted beans possible, we can ensure a deeply pleasurable coffee experience.

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