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Specialty Coffee

Deep Blue Coffee Company is proud that 100% of our offerings are considered to be what the Specialty Coffee Association of America classifies as “specialty coffee.” Though consumers often consider a specialty coffee to simply be a small, independent brand, or an espresso-based beverage made in a cafe, the label holds a much more detailed and demanding definition within the coffee industry.

Green, unroasted coffee is graded and classified depending on its “faults” or defects. These defects can affect the overall quality of a roast, which will alter the final, brewed product. When grading coffee quality, the specialty coffee industry measuring stick is 86 defects (including foreign materials, insect damage, broken or malformed beans) per 300 grams.

By contrast, the US FDA standard is to allow 610 defects per 300 grams. To better understand that number: The FDA allows up to 30% of an entire sample to be defective. It’s an incredible number when you consider that up to 30% of the coffee in your cup may not actually be brewed from coffee at all.

The Specialty Coffee Association of America classifies specialty coffees as those coffees with 5 or fewer defects per 300-gram sample. Specialty coffee also contains zero major faults or “primary” defects like foreign material. Figures show that what makes the grade as specialty coffee is likely the top 1% of all coffee produced and sold worldwide. At Deep Blue Coffee Company, we pledge that 100% of our coffee is classified as specialty coffee, and always will be.

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