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What is it that sets us apart from so many of the other roasters and coffee companies out there? The simple answer is that we have a passion to share the best possible product with our customers, while doing it in a responsible way.

The more complicated answer is this: We want to provide the best that coffee has to offer by maximizing the characteristics that we love, while minimizing those that we don't. We look at coffee with a fresh approach. While many coffee companies offer single origin coffees, we have chosen to focus on the art of blending. Not blending for the sake of covering up several medium quality coffees - we blend with the knowledge that with coffees of the highest quality it's possible to create a product that is superior as a whole than any single coffee could be on its own. While some coffee companies view blending as a weakness, we view it as strength and an art. By understanding the individual components, we can carefully craft a blend that takes these single origins into new heights.

Just as a tapestry is woven from individual strands, as beautiful as each strand may be, the true beauty of the tapestry is only revealed when artfully woven together. That is our approach at Deep Blue Coffee Company—to bring together the very best, thereby making them even better.

When blending, there is a fine line before the subtle nuances of certain single origins are overshadowed. It is our job to understand these single origin coffees, their tasting characteristics, and preserving what is special about each of htem. Some coffees blend well together, while others do not. Proportions are critical. While it is true that some of the bigger coffee brands have used blending as a way to stretch products or cut costs, we are committed to blending in a way that enhances our customers' experience.

In our blends, we have more than one origin, but we only have one ingredient: Coffee. Absolutely nothing else. All of the tasting notes are achieved through our careful blending of responsibly sourced single origin coffees. There are many things that influence a coffee's tasting notes. Even before our coffee is roasted, things like sunlight, soil, and how the coffee was washed and dried all play a huge role in the tastes that we perceive in our cup. And all of it is done without the use of any chemicals or flavorings. This is our way of showing off what Mother Nature has created on her own.



Deep Blue Coffee Company®  is excited to announce the new Biotrē eco-friendly coffee bag.

If you're excited about the environment like we are at Deep Blue Coffee, you'll love our newest offering--a biodegradable bag: Biotrē! Designed specifically with coffee in mind, this bag offers the same level of protection that our normal coffee bags offer, but in an eco-friendly way. When you order, let us know that you want your coffee packaged using these awesome new bags by selecting them as an option on the product ordering pages.
Learn more about Biotrē bags


Exploring Keurig Brewing
by Chef Ben Wolfe

After resisting for quite a while, I finally broke down and bought a Keurig single-serve. One thing I have done in the past when I’ve been working on my blends is brewing coffee in the different ways that Deep Blue Coffee customers brew their coffee. If I can make a blend that tastes great when brewed in a multitude of ways, then I have a winner. A blend that tastes great when brewed only one way is, while not useless, not beneficial to our customers. When we sell coffee, we have no control over how our loyal customers brew their coffee.

After purchasing the Keurig single-serve, I started to work on how to best use Deep Blue Coffee in one of these things, and have it taste good, too!

First, I took apart a few K-Cups to see how fine the grounds were, and to weigh them. The average, I found, was 9.7 grams of coffee. Because of my background as a chef, I have several scales, all of which are capable of measuring fractions of a gram. Since most people probably don’t have a scale that is this nit-picky, or the desire to be so nit-picky prior to their morning cup of coffee, I translated this to about 8 level teaspoons of finely ground coffee.

When I say finely ground, here is what I mean: the coffee that is in a K-cup is much finer than that for an auto-drip, yet not quite as fine as what is needed for espresso. Coffee for the Keurig needs its own grind. Deep Blue Coffee is now offering the “Keurig” option in our grind preferences when ordering coffee.

I researched the available reusable filters for Keurig, and found that ONLY an EZ-Cup would work well for me. There are several other reusable filter options available, but my experience, and that of others that I’ve spoken with, shows that the EZ-Cup is the only way to go. It requires a small paper filter that is inserted into the pod. I found this to be important. It traps the coffee just long enough that it forces a better extraction—something that typically lacks in the way a Keurig normally brews coffee. I feel that with pre-packaged Keurig coffees, the extraction is too quick, leading to a cup of coffee that isn’t fully developed.

Here are my instructions to achieve the best cup of coffee when using a Keurig single-serve maker. It’s not the simple, in fact, it’s almost a hassle. But if a single-serve brewer is what you have, then here’s what will work:

Insert the EZ-Cup paper filter into the EZ-Cup pod. Use 8 teaspoons of coffee ground specifically by Deep Blue Coffee Company for Keurig coffee makers. Carefully place the coffee into the paper filter, keeping the paper flap out of the way. It will be necessary to tamp down the coffee a couple of times to ensure that you don’t wind up with coffee grounds all over your counter instead of in the filter! When done, fold the extra paper flap over the top of the grounds, and click the lid onto the pod. Make sure that the lid clicks! Failing to use a filter with a secured lid may lead to a fantastic grounds-leaking-all-over-the-place kind of mess that is really unfortunate. Once the lid has been secured on the pod, you’re ready to brew just as you would a normal K-cup.

Place 6 ounces of water into the Keurig and begin the brewing process. A Keurig’s pod capacity does not make a larger quantity of coffee properly. For those that are looking for a larger 8 or 10 ounce cup of coffee, the ratios cannot be increased, because the pod size is fixed. You’ll just have to make another cup!

So that’s it. Deep Blue Coffee’s foray into the Keurig single-serve mix. Personally, I prefer other methods. However, there have been enough people that have asked about these single-serve makers that I thought that it was about time that I gave brewing with one a try to determine the best possible method.


Deep Blue Coffee® is a proud sponsor of the Outdoor Channel's Hook n' Look TV Show

Hook n’ Look Episode – “A Blustery Cup O’ Joe” – featuring Ben Wolfe
on the Outdoor Channel starting March 9, 2013

Kim Stricker along with Professional Fishing Guide/Entrepreneur Ben Wolfe reveal how they cope with gale-force winds and ultimately produce chunky late fall smallmouths in Northern Michigan. Strike King Coffee Tubes and Tour Grade Spinnerbaits are the featured lures.

Article from the November 14th edition of the Hook n' Look newsletter:

Considering the names of some of Deep Blue Coffee's hand-crafted blends, Traverse City Bass Blend, Anglers Blend, Great Lakes Blend, Hook N' Look is especially proud to announce a promotional agreement with the Traverse City, Michigan based coffee company. Each custom roasted blend displays a satisfying richness which will please any palate. Try some for yourself! We're thoroughly confident you'll agree that Deep Blue Coffee is unforgettably delicious!

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